Winery “Gaston Wine”

Gaston Wine is a winery located on Danube river bank in a beautiful surrounding below the village Nestin on Fruska Gora.
Gaston wine

Beside the vineyard, the complex includes a traditional household (salas) where we breed alpine goats and an indigenous mangulica pigs and produce high-quality goat cheese as well as various traditional meat products such as kulen sausages and other specialties.

Our wine selection includes: white wines such as Italian Riesling (Fruska Gora Riesling), Sauvignon Blanc (coupage of Fruska Gora Riesling and Zuplanjka); red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Fulfuns (coupage of Cabernet, Merlot and Burgundy), Muskat Hamburg, Marselan. We produce well known red desert wine Bermet.

We are only a one-hour-drive away from Novi Sad (40 km). Our winery is placed in a beautiful authentic house. Our offer includes organisation of degustation for groups of visitors where you can try some of our wines, rakijas and specialties such as kulen, goat cheese etc.

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